Think Positive.

Be Smart About It.

Technology built to thrive!

The Positive Ignition Experience

Core MVP to Launch

  1. Complimentary Technical Assessment for Value Driven Startups
  2. Turnkey Infrastructure with Milestones that Show Real Results
  3. Working MVPs Built Correctly & CTO Assured
  4. Ignite Technology to Jumpstart Ideas, Startups & Ventures
  5. Launch with Confidence in Quality Technical Performance
  6. Achieve Investments & Scale Successfully

Core Technology EcoSystem

Execute Suite of Products & Services

MVP Version 1.0 Build & Launch

Build Software Foundation, Test Driven Iterative Development, Application Hosting, Quality Assurance


Mobile Applications & Cross Platform Programming

iOS, Android, Native, PhoneGap, Cordova, Xamarin

Internet of Things & Content Distribution Platforms

Streaming Media Servers, Content Management Systems, Virtual Reality, SmartHome, OTT / SmartTV Apps

Global Scalable Architecture

Docker Containers, Elastic Cloud, Content Delivery Systems


Cutting Edge Technologies

NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular 2.0, MongoDB, Redis

Agile Milestone Development

Rapid Development, Milestone Reviews, Project Management

Cloud-Certified Experts

AWS, Azure, Heroku

Big Data

Cassandra, AWS Dynamo, HBase

Latest Posts

Positive Ignition Launches a CTO Assured Executive Technology Suite for Startups

Recognized as the "Startup Experts" within Southern California, Positive Ignition is disrupting the marketplace with an executive-level suite of technology, products & services. Startups that are ready to kick it into high gear and turn their new ideas into a reality, should remember to think positive, and be smart about it, by turning to Positive Ignition for quality technical engineering.

Positive Ignition Expands Executive Engineering Network within Silicon Beach

Positive Ignition emerges onto the Silicon Beach scene with full force! This Executive Engineering service is set to connect entrepreneurs and businesses within Southern California’s emerging technology marketplace. The company is disrupting the traditional Code Shops by building working MVP prototypes for clients that are custom tailored by an inner circle of Executive Engineers.