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Positive Ignition is recognized as the “Startup Experts” within Southern California. You can expect the best when choosing Positive Ignition for your technical needs.

If you need a working MVP or investment and want to leapfrog the competition, turn to Positive Ignition for a technical advantage that will tilt the odds of success in your favor.

With our inner circle of Executive Engineers, we build technical foundations that our clients have confidence in. Positive Ignition is selective and works exclusively with elite startups and innovative enterprises that are value driven. At a competitive price, our engineers approach every MVP with a tailored consideration for commercial viability and deliver an unmatched level of quality that you won’t get from a basic Code Shop. Our technology is built the right way, with long­term value that is flexible, yet sustainable.

With the unique advantage of our investor network, only Positive Ignition can take startups to the next level.

The Positive Ignition Experience

When you work with the right people you can expect the best! Our clients rely on us to solve complicated technical obstacles that stand in the way of getting their ideas off the ground. Seek Positive Ignition to devise the right development path for you and avoid making the common series of mistakes that most executives trip up on right out of the gate.

Our engineers build technology that is 100% built to thrive. We tailor software to reflect critical business objectives that will delight, inspire and reassure investors when showcasing your idea. Our clients look forward to milestone executive reviews that deliver real results instead of dreading daily account management tasks. We build technology foundations that are smart and stable, yet flexible enough to kick into high­gear and adapt to inevitable changes as the initial MVP evolves and the product matures.

With our extensive experience in startup ventures, CTO assured technical expertise and the advantage of our SoCal investor network, our team ignites startups on a path to success and on a path to future investments.

Be smart about it, gain momentum with Positive Ignition!

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